Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Comment Moderation: ON

Due to the increase of worthless slimy dirty rotten scum trying to sell their wares or get link to their sites on this blog, I've opted to turn ON comment moderation. I hope this doesn't come as too much of a headache for you all, and I will try to respond very quickly to the comments left. When a comment is posted, I get an email, and I can approve the comment from that email. Since I carry mobile computing devices, I'm able to post a legitimate comment within a few hours at the most, usually within minutes. I've had to do the same to my personal blog, and nothing gets under my skin like some dirtbag trying to cash in on the effort that I as blogger put into each post, to drum up their stupid business. To me, it's borderline minor theft.

Personally I love comments on my blog. I love to hear what others think about the content that I put forward. But don't try and use the efforts that we put out blogging, creating interesting content and generating traffic, to sell your crap. Spam commenters, you disgust me and you are so done leaving your smelly crap on this here blog! Eat that!

We now return to regular scheduled programming.