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Fischer Ranch. McKinleyville. 1.23.08

Fischer Ranch.McKinleyville.1.23.08

Old shacks on Mad River Rd., Humboldt Cty., Calif.1.24.08

Shacks on Mad River Road.1.23.08

My new bike. 1.23.08


This isn't much of a photo, but I love it anyway. It's a 1963 Raleigh that I bought Jan. 23 for $40. Restoration has begun!

Dry Lagoon Beach.Humboldt County. Calif. 1.21.08

Dry Lagoon Beach.1.21.08

I'm posting this week's photos with the dates, but doing so in a single evening. So, yeah, I'm cheating.

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those dam turbines...

Old 6 foot tall turbines from the Waterbury, VT dam.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mad River Bluffs.McKinleyville, Calif. 1.11.08

bike at Mad River Bluffs

to powdercoat or not to powdercoat...

It's no longer really a question. I started to sand and prime and realized things were beyond my control. It's off to the painter.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Off to Work

thawing january sun

Sunrise in Waitsfield, VT. Outside the door of the shop that I work at.
50 degrees is an amazing thing.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I call this "Oops..."

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A calm, cold day along Lake Superior, 01.09.08

mainely a small journey...

It all seemed like a normal family car camping trip. Set up the tent, unpack the car. This campground was in a particularly overdeveloped part of the Maine coast. Lots of places had video arcades and swimming pools. We felt lucky to have found one that felt pretty much like a state park but was still close enough to the beach to bike with our 16 month old. We started walking down the road.

At first it was like any other standard campground. But then we began to notice the little people.

...and their animal friends...


flip flop

Zib zib zebra. My son insisted that these zebras live in our campsite. The owner ok'd it as long as we put them back. As strange as it may sound, I wouldn't have dreamed of putting them back anywhere other than exactly where they came from. These critters were proof that if you do anything well it can feel right. Walking around was actually kind of amazing, not because of these creatures. Normally I see such things strewn around lawns willy-nilly and roll my eyes. But the person who had placed these had really found their places. It is the first really good use of lawn ornaments I have ever seen. Seriously.

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Labor of Love

A hand-hammered copper rivet of the B-17.

Immediate Seating Available

Snowbiking, Northern Minnesota 1.5.08

Plastic in bin at recycl. center.McKinleyville, Calif.1.5.08

Plastic bin at recycling center.1.5.07

A photo a day is rather challenging. I'm sure if this is even worth posting, but I can always make up for it in the coming days!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Chinook Arch

This is the reason we reached 6 degrees Celsius (43F) today. 3 days ago it was -24 C (-11F) in the morning. The Chinook is always accompanied with a Chinook arch. These arches can look spectacular. This picture doesn't do justice to what I was today. Just gives an idea. The real deal must have been about 100 kms long.



Kensington C-train Stn, Calgary 1.04.08

Birds at Canal Park Beach- 1.4.08

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Klopp Lake. Arcata, Calif. 1.3.08

Klopp Lake. Arcata, Calif.1.3.08

The "lake" is actually part of the wastewater treatment marsh in Arcata, located a few miles from my town of McKinleyville.

Picture a day?

I had an idea, how about we all just try to take a picture every day- if you do, great, if not, no biggie, but try and then post it here. I think it will be fun and will keep the group moving forward, rather then just a one day shot at getting pictures. This might keep them coming in at a rather constant flow. I'll post one from my ride in this morning. Please let me know if you like or dislike the idea.


Ice Rocks on the Shore of Lake Superior