Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9: Juneau, Alaska

I'm a bit late on the draw myself. I missed Saturday, so I waited until my weekend rolled around. Here is 12 hours of Friday, May 9, in Juneau, Alaska:

7 a.m.: Breakfast on the porch.

8 a.m.: Heading out with a Spring King Salmon Derby ticket in my pocket.

9 a.m.: Lots of people on the rocks, hoping to hit the jackpot.

10 a.m.: This vessel is cool - a buoyant bicycle (tandem no less!)

11 a.m.: Brian gets a few hard hits but no bites. It's a slow day for salmon fishing.

12 p.m.: Driving back, denied. I have to let go of my dream of fresh grilled King for lunch. "Well, it was a beautiful day to be on the water," Brian said. Too true.

1 p.m.: Alternative lunch - big tuna salad and all the strawberries I can eat.

2 p.m.: Going for a walk with my friend Geoff K. and his baby girl Paige.

3 p.m. Paige starts to fuss and it's time for Dad to turn around. Time for me to strap on the snowshoes and head high.

4 p.m.: Reaching the top of the Douglas Island ridge.

5 p.m.: Heading down, still walking.

6 p.m. Going home.

Rockyford Alberta, Jeremy

Today was a very boring, sadly typical Saturday for me. Working on my house renovation. Blah.

8am - A very rare day when I can see the ceiling above my bed at 8.

9am - Sizing up the days work:replace upstairs hand railing
10am - Demo is done! Dusty too

11am - Air hose
12pm - View from my porch where I was cutting my wood
1pm - Progress
2pm - Installing the last few railings
3pm - Done

4pm - a neighbor brought me a gift he found. Nitto handle bars! yeah.
5pm - Cleaning up tools
6pm - My lovely wife made a typically delicious dinner (she is the worlds greatest chef!!)
7pm - At the playground with my 2 boys. Love those little dudes.
8pm - evening coffee

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 3rd, 2008: Vancouver & Victoria, British Columbia (taken by Sarah from Calgary, Alberta!)

8:00 am
Welcome to Vancouver! I awakened to rain...a typical scene here in BC.....quite a change from the snow we are supposed to have here in Calgary tomorrow!

9:00 am
Mat's eye view from our morning yoga class at Open Door Yoga studio in Vancouver. I needed my daily fix & so I dragged my sister along with me. Randy taught a great hatha class...with a twist!

10:30 am
A very grumpy puppy glaring at me from the dashboard of his car as we leave the studio...maybe I can pass on some of my good prana to him?!

11:00 am
Packing the luggage into my versa as we prepare for the drive to the ferry terminal. The spring blossoms are abundant in the city right now.

The rain is heavier as we sit in the lineup waiting to get onto the 1pm ferry over to Vancouver Island...will we make it on?

Yes!!!! We made it! And the rain is now gone...replaced instead by sun & the beautiful scenery of the surrounding Gulf Islands.

My macro lens found lots of interesting shots on the upper deck as well.

Clouds starting to settle in again as we approach Victoria

4:00 pm
Dad enjoying his afternoon cup-o-tea like a true Brit!

Birch tree as seen from our balcony at the Royal Scot Hotel in Victoria

At the Royal Jubilee Hospital visiting my Grandpa....this is the chapel on the hospital grounds. Very quaint.

Flowers in the garden of our hotel as we return from the hospital & head into the restaurant for some dinner.

Catching up with my good friend Tammy at Irish Times pub in downtown Victoria. The nachos and Organic Chilean Wine (...not what you'd expect at an Irish bar, I know!...) were surprisingly good :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Saturday 3 May 2008

I lost track of time and my mission so I don't have photos taken on the hour for 12hrs...=( I did take a bunch of photos though so here are 12 in chronological order. Sorry - best I could manage!