Sunday, October 18, 2009

12 Hours in (and around) Strathmore Alberta Canada

8am - first look out the bedroom window 9am - left over kid's breakfast. Homemade jelly. yum.
10am - a game of peek-a-boo
11am - I was doing a family portrait session today. We were supposed to drive to a location down this road. No problem, we improvised.
12pm - just wrapping up the shoot. Saw lots of these, and many more downed trees.
1pm - 2 hockey bags, 1 Xtracycle, and off to skating practice we go. 1 less minivan......
2pm - was a good practice.
3pm - late lunch. Homemade tomato soup, homemade garlic croutons. Incredible.
4pm - all 3 kids in the cart at the grocery store.
5pm - placed an order for a particular wine. Realized I've never tried Bourbon. I'll need a few more "samples" to make up my mind.
6pm - driving to some friends for dinner. Road side stop, contrast caught my eye.
7pm - after dinner, playing with the kids on the floor.
8pm - kids in bed, Heineken on tap, in the garage, surrounded by my bikes. Ah, the un-wind.

Skybub, Wiesbaden, Germany.

Brian emailed these to me to post for him. Thanks Brian!
0800 My morning ritual and the internet. 0900 Breakfast.
1000 Reading the Washington Post.

1100 Folding the Laundry. Hooray, clean knickers!
1200 Good dental hygiene.
1300 The Saturday Market.
1400 Arriving at Mainz train station.
1500 Heineken Cup Rugby at the Porterhouse Irish Pub in Mainz. Munster (Ireland) vs Treviso (Italy)
1600 French Marc and Irish Brian.
1700 Guinness is good for you.
1800 The next one is even better for you.
1900 More rugby. Brive (France) vs Leinster (Ireland)
2000 On the train back to Wiesbaden

12 Hours in Duluth, Minnesota, USA

8:00 Gluten-free chocolate, blueberry pancakes.

9:00 Senior Citizen nap time, 17 year-old Tazz and 12 year-old Ciro, on their heated bed and kitty quilts made for them by my sister.

10:00 Peeling and coring apples for another batch of apple butter.

11:00 Getting the bike ready for a ride.

12:00 Heading out for a ride, cemetery by our house with fall colors.

1:00 Enjoying the ride.

2:00 Almost home, mostly peak colors today.

3:00 Dash Riprock loves his frisbee.

4:00 Getting ready to winterize the oak wine barrel turned rain barrel.

5:00 Gluten-free loaf of bread is done.

6:00 Driving to a dinner party.

7:00 Italian themed dinner party. Italian wine, meats & cheeses and olives for starters. Five more courses to come.

8:00 Mike and Scully keeping an eye on things at the party.

12 Hours in Nelson, British Columbia

8am: Green tea for two

9am: Still drinking tea, watching light come in through the front window

10am: Teaching my husband the fine art of bed-making

11am: A walk through our neighbourhood of Fairview in the fall

12pm: Walking past a mural on the way home from brunch

1pm: Facebook & cheese

2pm: Cleaning house

3pm: Making an arrangement with berries from our tree & dried wedding flowers

4pm: Drinking juice, admiring the flower arrangement

5pm: Cleaning the hot tub. Gross.

6pm: Listening to local radio & deciding what to have for dinner

7pm: Grating carrots, drinking chai

8pm: Dinner tonight: veggie soup, yellow rice & croquettes