Thursday, November 8, 2007

Eleanor. Wellington, New Zealand

8 am. The first cup of tea is always the best.

9 am. Online time.

10 am. Mmmmm. New chain.

11 am. Goodbye nasty old cluster. Hello dirty hands.

12 pm. Quick trip to the bike shop via the park.

1 pm. Lunch!

2 pm. Maybe I won't ride it. I'll keep it in the garage all clean. Just to look at.

3 pm. Ukulele break.

4 pm. Classic Wellington singletrack. The handiwork's holding up so far.

5 pm. Peeling off the sticky threads and getting respectable.

6 pm. At Unity books to help launch a novel.

7 pm. Rebecca and I are quite good at helping.

8 pm. Walking home along the wharf.


Karen said...

Lovely shots Eleanor.

Jeff C. said...

I love the pics, specially 5pm, love the color and motion- perfect!

clark said...


Doug said...

Great shots Eleanor. Your shots are so good they were so intimidating I almost didn't post mine. I'm glad I did though.

sean marcel said...

It's not a bad job at all, I like it. I could sure go for a Ukulele break in the middle of the day though. I think I have that same Letherman tool.

Sarah said...

Eleanor, I love your work! In fact, I can't pick a favourite because they are all very cool. Great job!

Jack said...

Great photos. I'm amazed that something as simple as a keyboard could come out so nice!

Eero said...

That single track image is so cool. As well as the trail----something I'd want to ride.

You are so funny to shoot your shower head! I never would have thought of that...

Karen said...

I agree with Sarah, I can't pick a favourite! I like the unique angles of your shots.

Jerome said...

Great pictures! All of them. I wish I had your eye for the art in pictures. Thanks so much for taking part in this humble little project. I'm with Doug. I read your post firsth thing in the morning (to me) and thought, uh oh. No, I spurs me to keep snapping and snapping and snapping those pictures. Tweeking the littlest bits each time, and hope to end up with photos like yours. Many thanks for being a part of this. Your photos are great. Cheers.

Eleanor said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. I think the true beauty of this project was not so much each individual shot (although everyone came up with something unique) but the diversity of viewpoints. Interesting how you can get a feel for the way someone looks at life depending on whether they focus most on the details or the bigger picture; still life or people; composition or colour etc. Also interesting to see what you folk in the northern hemisphere get up to on a regular day.
Lets do it again sometime.