Thursday, November 8, 2007

Vik - Forest, Ontario Canada

0800 - cup of tea.

0900 - St. John's Church

1000 - cultural awareness training

1100 - course material

1200 - dream catcher

1300 - chicken soup

1400 - painting

1500 - course cont'd

1600 - aboriginal artifacts

1700 - bike ride

1800 - laundry

1900 - reading

2000 - dishes


Jeff C. said...

Hard to find something to take a picture of when you're stuck in meetings and inside bland offices..
Good work!

Eleanor said...

Good to see you reading another cycle epic.
Nice shots!

Sarah said...

Love the baloon valance & cozy armchair in the 8a.m. shot...I knew you had a thing for pink & florals :)

Karen said...

The dream catcher is beautiful. I really love the bright colours in your last 3 of the day.

Jerome said...

Hey Vik, thanks for taking part. Great to see what it is you're doing in Ontario. Did the people in 1500 know they were having their picture taken? Looks like it was incognito. I wish I could say I rode my bike on the 8th, but I was pretty sure you would. Kudos to you Vik!! Thanks again and thanks for getting so many people involved with this. I think that most everyone was in on it as a result of your help. Thanks, take care and hope you have an enjoyable rest of your time there. Cheers.