Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas bike ride from McKinleyville to Trinidad, Calif.

To counter my overindulgance in gravy, meat products and adult beverages, I snuck out of the house today for a bike ride.

Schwinn Suburban

I wanted to test out Lance Armstrong's statement that "it's not about the bicycle," so I used my old five-speed Schwinn Suburban. The odd thing about this bike is that it has something called a front freewheel. The front chain ring spins even when coasting. This allows the bike to change gears even when you're not pedalling.

Hammond Trail walkers

I headed north along the Hammond Trail.

Hammond tracks

The trail extends from one end of town to the other and was built on an abandoned railroad right-of-way. Here's a small section of the Hammond Railroad track.

Looking north from Vista Point

It was cool and gray. There was light rain on and off. This is the view looking north from the Vista Point in McKinleyville. In the distance is the seaside village of Trinidad. That was my destination.

Bicyclists sign

The way this sign is written, I can only assume it's intended for tandems. Right? So I rode recklessly down the hill rather than walk.

Wheel in motion

I was making good time on the Suburban. It's a very pleasurable bike to ride.

Highway 101

This was the biggest hill I had to climb. Big whoop.

Looking south from Scenic Dr.

I was wet and cold when I reached Scenic Drive, but in good spirits. This is the view looking south in the direction I came from.

Bike at Luffenholtz

I carried my bike down to Luffenholtz Beach and admired the surf.

Luffenholtz Creek

We've had a lot of rain. as is evident by the amount of water in Luffenholtz Creek.

Big present

When I got to Trinidad, there was a massive present waiting for me!

Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse

The next stop was the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse...

Trinidad Pier

...then the Trinidad Pier.
Trinidad Bay boats

The crab fleet took Christmas off.

Trinidad Plaque

Some history.


Then I pedalled home. Although the total trip was only about 21 miles, I'll wager that it's the longest single trip this old bike has ever been on.


Eero said...

Great documenting! It makes me so envious to look at these pictures. I haven't cycled since Oct., as I'm in central Alaska.
I miss those days exploring on my bike...


Jerome said...

Great Shots!!! Looks like a great bike trip you had. Makes me want to do the same. Cheers.

Karen said...

Thank you! Awesome shots.

welshcyclist said...

Those pictures have just enthused me so much to get out there with my bike,to enjoy that free asset we have,the great outdoors and the weather.Though my trip will not be as scenic as yours,it still has great qualities.No exploring today for me,though,I'll be setting off on my regular commute to work.Thanks for sharing your bike trip with us,as soon as I figure out how to download my mobile phone pics to the computer,I'll show you some shots of cycling in Wales.

Jeff C. said...

Great pictures! I'm glad someone had enough moivation to post something in December :) Thanks much!

Donnie said...

I LOVE THIS. I own your same bicycle since new and mine is a 12 speed - six in back and two up front. The front freewheel thing was killer for us with the higher gears because you don't have to (in fact, don't want to...) pedal to shift. One needs to consider how these bikes were used - cruisers as opposed to performance bikes - so comfort ruled the day. Love it. Excellent photog, btw.

Eava said...

I live right by the Hammond Trail and walk it every weekend. Great Photos! Thanks for sharing!