Wednesday, January 9, 2008

mainely a small journey...

It all seemed like a normal family car camping trip. Set up the tent, unpack the car. This campground was in a particularly overdeveloped part of the Maine coast. Lots of places had video arcades and swimming pools. We felt lucky to have found one that felt pretty much like a state park but was still close enough to the beach to bike with our 16 month old. We started walking down the road.

At first it was like any other standard campground. But then we began to notice the little people.

...and their animal friends...


flip flop

Zib zib zebra. My son insisted that these zebras live in our campsite. The owner ok'd it as long as we put them back. As strange as it may sound, I wouldn't have dreamed of putting them back anywhere other than exactly where they came from. These critters were proof that if you do anything well it can feel right. Walking around was actually kind of amazing, not because of these creatures. Normally I see such things strewn around lawns willy-nilly and roll my eyes. But the person who had placed these had really found their places. It is the first really good use of lawn ornaments I have ever seen. Seriously.


Jeff C. said...

crazy! Very nice colors though- looks like stuff our family would have gotten a kick out of as well!

Karen said...

Is it not winter there?

greg said...

Tis winter now, but this was a summer journey.