Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shall we chose a date?

I'm anxious for another 12hrs, anyone else? With the weather changing, sun shining and birds starting to sing, I'm in the mood to see what's going on in all of your parts of the world.

There was some mention of putting the project up on flickr. What are all of your thoughts? I kind of like the idea of the blog, just because I think it's easier to see all of the entries at once, but that may just be my ignorance to using flickr to it's fullest. Let me know what you all think.

Once we pick a date, I'll email everyone with the particulars. Do you know anyone else who might be interested in participating? Have them email me (jeromebike at gmail dot com) and I'll add them as a contributor. We've already got several new members that weren't involved with the last one, and that's exciting!

I look forward to, very forward to, doing this with all of you again. Cheers.


Vik said...
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Vik said...

I'd prefer Flickr, but I'm cool with this blog if that's what most folks prefer.

On Flickr we could arrange each person's 12hr pics into a set and then all the 12hrs sets from a particular date into one collection. That would make it really easy to find and look at the pics you wanted.

One other benefit of Flickr is lots of people not involved in the project will have access to the pics.

I'm good either way so just let me know what the consensus is...=-)

Sarah said...

Hi Jeremy....yes I am certainly interested in doing another 12 hour project! I'm definitely in :) I am more familiar with the blogging format as well, so my preference would be to stick with our current blog.

Doug said...

What's Fickar?

I'd be interested in trying again despite the stress and pressure the first 12 hour challenge caused me.

I think Jill of Up in Alaska would want in on the fun.

Lori V. said...

I've never tried Flickr, though I'll try anything. I'm adaptable. It sounds as though it is a good organizational tool. My question for Vik is: can't people use your Flickr photos on their own blogs, though? I've seen lots of blogs employ other people's Flickr photos. Though those were credited, how many times will our photos be jacked without credit? I know that can happen here, too, but with large Flickr viewing base, it could be more of a problem. On the other hand, couldn't we put our Flickr group up on our personal blogs to promote the group's photos more?

I'm up for 12 hours as soon as tomorrow or Sunday. I've been chomping at the bit for my first one! :-)

(Maybe we should also try to open up these comments to others besides Google/Blogger users.)

Vik said...

Hi Lori,

You can apply various levels of security on Flickr...although I have put up 1,300 and allowed people to use them with attribution for non-commercial purposes. Ultimately I take photos for people to look at so they do me no good on my hard drive. If some of my photos get snagged off Flickr and used on blogs without crediting me - that's fine. As long as they are getting enjoyed.

The only two uses I wouldn't be happy about is if someone used my photos and sold them for $$$ or someone put them on their blog and said they took them. Neither of these acts would really hurt me, but I'd be mighty irritated!

Here is my Flickr page:


Have a look at how the sets and collections are organized.

Vik said...

BTW - I am totally fine leaving things on Blogger. I just suggested Flickr because it is designed for sharing and organizing photos.

Another option is that I can put all the pics in a 12hr photo collection on my Flickr page [crediting the photog] with each person having a set dedicated to their photos. That way you'd be able to have pics on Flickr without any of the overhead. Just a thought.

Jerome said...

Well, I think I really like Viks idea of us still using the blog just to keep it simple for everyone and then putting them up on flickr. How's this: if you're willing to have Vik put them up on Flickr, email him and let him know, or just leave the comments here.

Doug, I think that you probably see what flickr's about based on these comments. I emailed Jill several months ago and she did say that she wanted to do 12hrs, so I'll send her an email now.

I heard that weekends were better for some people. How about next Saturday, or the one following? Comment either way and I'll send out the mass mailing to yall.

Lori, I'm cool with allowing others to comment, if anyone is against this, we won't do it, but I'm sure that it'll be cool. Who knows we might get many more people into this that way.


Karen said...

I'm in for another 12 hr day, the last one was fun!