Friday, May 9, 2008

Rockyford Alberta, Jeremy

Today was a very boring, sadly typical Saturday for me. Working on my house renovation. Blah.

8am - A very rare day when I can see the ceiling above my bed at 8.

9am - Sizing up the days work:replace upstairs hand railing
10am - Demo is done! Dusty too

11am - Air hose
12pm - View from my porch where I was cutting my wood
1pm - Progress
2pm - Installing the last few railings
3pm - Done

4pm - a neighbor brought me a gift he found. Nitto handle bars! yeah.
5pm - Cleaning up tools
6pm - My lovely wife made a typically delicious dinner (she is the worlds greatest chef!!)
7pm - At the playground with my 2 boys. Love those little dudes.
8pm - evening coffee


Vik said...

The boys are cute...=-)

Karen said...

The food looks delicious :-)