Sunday, October 18, 2009

12 Hours in Fairbanks, Alaska

8am: The sunrise view from the balcony

9am: email, Happy Light and coffee

10am: Watering the orchids on my work table

11am: Heading downstairs for lunch

12 Noon: Chopsawing wood for painting frame supports

1pm: Making exterior frames for small paintings

2pm: Checking the email...again

3pm: Hanging out in the studio

4pm: Going to take a nap with Fromage

5pm: Woke up

6pm: Walk in the garden. The moose ate my sunflowers.

7pm: Driving to a party

8pm: The bonfire


Doug said...

Nice pictures....specially the bonfire picture.

sean marcel said...

The moose ate your flowers! Ha, wow.

Love the 7 and 8 pm shots!

Karen said...

I like the painting! cool studio shot.