Friday, October 2, 2009

12 hours up and rolling again!

Okay, welcome back to the 12hrs in photos project.

If you’ve just stumbled across this blog and want in, leave a comment, or email me (you can get that in my profile I think) and we’ll sign you up as a contributor to the blog so you can take part.

There are a few changes to the project, but it will still retain its original idea, or even be closer to its original idea.

First a quick rundown/refresher of what the project is.

12 hours in photos. A picture an hour, from 8am to 8pm, all on the same day, from all over the world.

Totaling 13 photos, you start by taking a picture that would be show what your day looks like at 8am, your local time zone. Then 9 am. Then 10 and so on and so on. You can certainly take several pictures, pick the best, but the idea is to share one single photo that best describes what you are doing at that time, on that day. You, viewing my photos, could see what a day in my life looked like in Southern Alberta. We, viewing your photos, can see what a day looks like in Alaska, or New Zealand, or California or wherever it is that you are lucky enough to call home. The unifying theme is that these photos are all taken on the same day. It’s kind of a means of documenting what happened in the world on one particular day, while taking part in producing that document and showing what happened in your part of the world. It’s fun to know that when the hour hand is pointed up, you are snapping photos with a bunch of other people, some of them maybe thousands of miles away, and you’re doing it for the same reason. You’ll be able to see what they were taking pictures of when you were taking your pictures. And visa versa. If you scan through the blog, you’ll notice that we’ve been putting the time above the photo, and then also a brief description of the photo. Let’s keep with this theme.

Now, I am going to tighten the clamps on the project a bit. Here’s how:

· If you can’t participate in the project on a particular day, please refrain from posting, and simply wait until the next time the project rolls around. The idea of the project is the unity that it creates. A huge part of that unity is the fact that we're all doing it on the same day. This is not just a place to dump pictures of a random day in your life.
· Please stick to the format. Obviously if you missed an hour or something, it’s not going to be a huge deal, and slight variations are okay, but before posting, ask yourself, how far does this stray from the intent of the project. Be warned, if it’s too far off, the post will be removed.
· If you can’t make the project or the day doesn’t work for you, please don’t submit a post saying that. While we wish you could have made the project, we want the reading of the blog as a project to be clean and consistent.
· Post only one photo for each hour. That will be a total of 13 photos. I know that sometimes you get like 7 great shots in a matter of minutes, all different, all excellent. In this case, pick the one that you want to share to represent that hour.

I know this seems very harsh, but in the theme of the project, I think it’s for the best.

Now, Eero came up with a great idea, and that was to select 4 dates throughout the year, and have the project run on those dates. I love that idea. So, here are 4 dates that will carry us through the next year of the project. Dates may change for the year following this, but for this year, here are 4 random dates. Actually I’ve given two on the weekend, and two during the week, so they’re a little less than random but whatever.

· October 17th, 2009 - Saturday
· January 5th, 2010 – Tuesday
· April 17th, 2010 – Saturday
· August 12th, 2010 – Thursday

So there you have it. Looks like we’re ready to roll. Please' if you know of others that might be interested in participating in the 12hrs project, have them email me - jeromebikeATgmailDOTcom. The more the merrier! I’ll add them as a contributor, and we’ll all get to enjoy their photos.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for each one of us and I’m stoked to be working with everyone again.



Karen said...

I'm in! Thanks for the date guidelines. I'm so very happy to see two Saturday dates as these days are far more interesting in my life than week days :-)

Sarah said...

I'm in too. Can't wait!