Sunday, February 13, 2011

My 12 Hours in Northern California

8 am Trinidad Harbor - Walking the dog

9 am Strolling along the Pacific Ocean

10 am Yard Sale

11 am The Discovery Museum

Noon - Still at the Discovery Museum

1 pm Lunch at Los Bagels

2 pm Horse and Carriage ride anyone?

3pm The ice cream parlor

4pm running errands 5pm to work out or to not work out? that is the question.

6 P.M. Getting ready for the night

7 P.M. Showing some love to the dog
8 P.M. Project done!


megan said...

Love the morning ocean views! (I wonder if we're the only ones who managed to take the photos this time round?)

Jerome said...

I've spent some time in Northern California for work, and seeing these just makes me miss it more! BTW, I hope you bought that leg lamp! It's pretty sweet;)

Megan, sorry, I was a bit tardy posting my pictures from Saturday, but they're there now.

Thanks for taking part!

Karen said...

Ahhh, Northern California, looking so tempting from Calgary's winter wonderland.