Friday, November 9, 2007

BRITTANY - Fairbanks, Alaska

8 a.m. The sun is peaking over the horizon.

9 a.m. Wrestle with the dog.

10 a.m. The Cabin. Chillin'.

11 a.m. Woo-hoo! I'm outside in the snow!
I haven't showered in five days so I'm wearing a bandana!

noon: At work, getting ready to start studying.

1 p.m. Hitting the books.

2 p.m. World History 100 students can't wait to take their midterm.

3 p.m. Exam-time. Everyone passes! (I hope).

(almost) 4 p.m. Exam is done! My fellow TAs are thrilled.

5 p.m. Getting ready to run some errands.

6 p.m. The drive home.

7 p.m. Reading and Romance go hand in hand.

8 p.m. Caribou steak for dinner. Yum.


sean marcel said...

Wow, it gets dark in Fairbanks even earlier than in Alberta. Great pictures, I love the one of students anxious to write the exam, much character.

Sarah said...

Brittany, I love your 5pm shot. I think snow is one of the most beautiful things to capture on film!

Jeff C. said...

don't "hit those books" too hard there! I'm so jealous of you Alaskan's :D

Eero said...

Hey! Same 8am shot!

Eleanor said...

How come you haven't showered in 5 days? Is it to do with a lack of hot water, or exam pressure?
Lovely shots. Looks cold where you are.

Karen said...

I like your self-portrait out in the snow.

brittany said...

ha! i wish i could say there was a good reason why i hadn't showered in five days, but I won't try to lie... I was lazy this week.

Jerome said...

I'm with Sarah on the 5pm shot. I reminds me of warmth for some reason. I think it's the glow of the lighting and the lights in the background. Having said that, I enjoy looking at all of your pictures. Thank you kindly for taking part.