Friday, November 9, 2007

Jeremy, Rockyford AB to Great Falls MT

Different than what I planned, this was not a typical day. At any rate, it was my November 8th, 2007.
0800 Kick Ass Coffee. That's actually the name. Certified organic and amongst the best on earth.
0900 All packed up, ready to hit the road.
1000 St. Mary's Church in Cluny Alberta
1100 Vulcan Alberta, need I say more
1200 Contrary to popular belief, road trips with a 3 and a 1 year old can be fun
1300 40 minute line up at customs to enter the US
1400 Sweetgrass hills, taken 10 miles into Montana
1500 Flag leaving Shelby
1600 Statue outside of our hotel room
1700 Explorers at Portage on the way to Applebees
1800 Still waiting for dinner to come
1900 Mackenzie river, from the Applebees parking lot
2000 Boys asleep in bed, the days true reward, Fat Tire Amber Ale


sean marcel said...

Great story, great pictures! Thanks for putting this together Jeremy.

sean marcel said...

Great story, great pictures! Thanks for putting this together Jeremy.

Sarah said...

Awesome photos Jeremy! I love the landscapes....and the lighting on the coffe bean shot is beautiful!

brittany said...

I want to go on a road trip and end with a nice, tall, cold glass of beer. Yes, yes I do.

Jeff C. said...

Very enjoyable! Thanks!

Jack said...

Good stuff. Also, thanks for putting this project together.

I kind of dropped the ball when it came to doing one photo and hour for 12 hours, but I had fun. And I'm enjoying everyone's pics.

We should select another day in the future and do it all over again.

Eleanor said...

The coffee beans shot is way cool. You should sell it to the Kick Ass Coffee co!

Eleanor said...

And yeah, the project was a lot of fun. Thanks for organising it! It kind of consumed my day more than I imagined it would, but I'd love to do it all over again to see what a different day would look like...

Karen said...

I love Kick Ass coffee, you can almost smell the beans in your shot! I enjoyed the photos of your journey.

I would really like to do this again sometime, perhaps the solstice?

david said...

Welcome to Great Falls! Hope you enjoy your visit to our friendly community -- and thanks for sharing the pictures!

Smudgemo said...

Yay for beer!

Jerome said...

Hey thanks everyone for your nice words. I will say this, you all have provided me with much pleasure by taking part in this! I most certainly appreciate all of your participation. I would love to do this all over again. Perhaps I should pass along the "admin" privileges of this blog to someone else? After the next time, they pass it on to someone else??? I really dig this whole thing and it's all because of you all. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I think we all feel the same about this: Thanks to all who let us in on their pictures. I certainly enjoyed everyone else’s pictures more than my own, and that's the beauty of it. We've all got something to offer to others that they don't have. One of the mottos that I've committed to living by is that every single person on earth knows at least one thing that I don't; from that, they are my teacher. I've learned much from all of you. Thanks so much for giving me (us) this gift.

Jerome said...

David, thanks for the welcome. I really love Great Falls! If you check out page 7, section A of November 11 Great Falls Tribune, I actually made local news! That's my wife and I loading up our mini-van. By the way, I've been coming to GF for years now, even when the CDN buck was far below the value of the American. It's just a great little city to visit. What's more....Fat Tire!!

Smudge, yay for beer indeed!!!