Thursday, November 8, 2007

Doug, Duluth, Minnesota, United States of America

I need to preface my pictures with this, I didn't think I would be able to do this because of the nature of my work. I work with vulnerable adults. I am mandated by the State of Minnesota to protect the privacy of these individuals. Walking around with a personal camera doesn't fall under acceptable practices. At the last moment I decided I could meet the mandate and discreetly take part in this experiment. Here's what I came up with:0800 Arriving at the office.

0900 A little sunny inspiration on my desk (made for me by a client with developmental disabilities).

1000 Art work created by clients. On the walls on my way to the office to get key for a company vehicle.

1100 Client "coffee outing" at a local fast food establishment.

1200 Return to the office, more client art work creations on the walls.

1300 The best I could do under the circumstances at this time of day.

1400 Stopped in at our nurses' office. She collects antique medical equipment.

1500 Catching up on payroll sheets and having a snack before cycling home.

1600 Work day is done. Changing into cycling clothes in the large stall in the Men's washroom.

1700 My commutes are currently training rides as well. One last shot before sundown.

1800 Riding in pitch black through Superior Municipal Forest.

1900 Catching up on some blogs with my best buddy, Tazz, my 15 year old cat.

2000 Discussing dinner plans with Dash Riprock.


Eero said...

I like that 1800 night photo...

sean marcel said...

Love the discreet theme, very well executed!

Eleanor said...

What are you training for? And are those boots cycling shoes? I want some.

Eleanor said...

Oh, and nice shots by the way. They say a lot about your job, even without people in them.

Doug said...

Eleanor, Answers to your questions:
I'm training for this: and those are cycling boots. Winter MTB boots made by Lake. They are an olde version of these:

Eleanor said...

Thanks for that Doug. The arrowhead sounds INSANE!!! I hope you post some pics of it somewhere, if you get time to take any. Phew! Good luck.

Karen said...

The art shots are cool! I love the way you managed to take the photos discretely.

Jerome said...

Hey Doug, great pictures. I never thought of such challenges as the ones you face, where you need to protect the people you are around everyday. Very nice shots. Proves that what some might label a limitation (being careful of the human subjects), can spur creativity that might not have been found if it weren't for the "limitation". Many thanks for taking part. BTW, thanks for not shooting the pugs, that would have made me sooooooo jealous. My Nov. 8th couldn't be as good as someone who rode his/her pugs on the 8th could it?