Thursday, November 8, 2007

Karen - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

8am In the Office

9am SAIT Campus, Out and About

10am Tea Time on the Roof

11am SAIT Campus, Student Residence, under construction

noonish, Answering Phones

1pm On the way to the pool for a lunch time swim

2pm Back to Work

5pm Walking Home

6pm Catching Up

7pm 10th Ave & 2nd St SW intersection, out the window

8pm Editing


sean marcel said...

Never thought I'd actually miss Calgary, that 7pm shot does it though.

Eleanor said...

Great sense of space. That night time shot is marvellous.

Eero said...

You have an amazing view out your window! My 8am picture is a view out of mine...

Jerome said...

Your 7 pm isn't the first night shot that I've that was amazing. Very nice. I was born in Calgary and grew up with a view of downtown a little different than that, but it somehow still brings back memories. I also really like the 6pm. Is that your home? It looks very warm and relaxing. Thanks so much for taking part. Next time I'm at a course at SAIT I'm going to print off the pictures and try to stand in the same spot they were taken from just for fun. Cheers.

Jerome said...

I meant to say the 7pm shot wasn't the first of yours I thought was amazing. Sorry about that. I've been starring at the computer screen far too long today! I was thinking of your picture you took of the bridge, on Nov. 1st. Pardon me. Cheers.