Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Hrs in Colorado - Paul

8:00 AM Getting ready for the ride to work

9:00 AM Chilly,gray morning but a wonderful ride!

10:00 AM An "Office Space" moment

11:00 AM Stacey was checking out my tires looking for
some ideas for her winter bike commute

12:00 Lunch - Beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore!

1:00 PM Back from lunch, behind my office

2:00 PM Too much free time or perhaps the result of
a pint of ale at lunch? Hmm....

3:00 PM Bribing desktop support to install a new program on my computer.

4:00 PM Co-workers start flying out of the office to start their weekend

5:00 PM Heading back to Boulder

6:00 PM The Boulder Courthouse on the Pearl Street Mall, a great place
to hang during the holidays.

7:00 PM The facade in front of the REI store. It was a tough choice for a Friday night, tango lessons, or a program at REI on climbing in the Himalayas.
The Himalayas won out this time.

8:00 PM Wrapping up the climbing program at REI


Karen said...

My favourites of this set are your 4 & 5pm shots.

Karen said...

I also like the way most of us with bikes bring them indoors... where they belong :-)

Jeff C. said...

I love the night photos, and the one of the wheel behind your office!