Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 hours - Strathmore & Rockyford Alberta

8am. I've been at work for over 1hr already. This is my desk. It's where the magic happens. 9AM. Parts lists waiting for review. Not as exciting as the colors make them look.
10AM. Coffee with Cory. I think I'm one of only a handful of people on earth who can actually understand him. He is a neat guy though. And, he's my friend.
11AM. A fixie that distracts me on my desk. Even made it to FGG once.
12PM. My friends, those are indeed real vegetables, just as foil wrapper said.
1PM. My addiction.
2PM. Someone driving by the office just as the blizzard started rolling in.
3PM. A shop tour looking for some parts.
4PM. Snow starting to stick to the office windows.
5PM. Gas station sign I pass right as I leave work. 6PM. Very slow drive home. That's a U-Haul truck with a trailer in the ditch. Cops making sure we all slow down.
7PM. After dinner. At least it didn't say "that wasn't chicken".
8PM. All 3 children in bed. Now, enjoy some of the good stuff.


Karen said...

I like the way you used different styles, mixing b&w and colour. Nicely done :-)

sean marcel said...

Great pictures man, I really enjoyed looking through this post. Especially 1pm and 8pm, very nice.

Jeff C. said...

I like!

Eero said...

Best entry yet.