Friday, December 12, 2008

Edmonton, AB

Here's 12 hours in and around Edmonton. I'm missing one picture because I was working but I think you'll still get the idea.0800 - meeting friends at the diner for breakfast. Poor fellow had a rough night.

0900 - Diner. Friends. Bike.

1000 - Preparing to build a new front mudflap out of a yogurt container for those near useless "quick release" fenders.

1100 - Brief test ride in the snow for the new mudflap. Better than no mudflap.

1200 - making lunch

~1300 - Neighbours roof, a little later than 1300 actually, I took a nap after lunch (the way they do in pre-school).


1500 - Pilot costume. A little early to dress for a 1700 flight but it's cool because the earlier I get ready the more time I can spend at the coffee shop before work.

1600 - My cup has wings because I'm a pilot.

1700 - Or a little after 1700. It's tough to take pictures inside the cockpit during a night flight. So this is the moon from 19 000' on the way to Fort McMurray.

1800 - Empty aeroplane waits for passengers

2000 - Saying goodbye to aeroplane


Jeff C. said...

Interesting, moon from 19,000 that's pretty cool :) I like the obligatory "wet towel" under the bike too... Winter sucks for storing bikes inside...

Karen said...

Cool shot of the empty plane.

a family of trees said...

Sean your life is awesome! Now and Always!

clementine said...

seannn! i can't believe you fly MULTIPLE passengers! You're so fancy!