Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Hours in Calgary

8:00 am Good Morning Calgary

9:00 am Emptying the Work Dishwasher

10:00 am "Working"

11:00 am View from my Desk

Noon - Heading out for Lunch

1:00 pm Liquid Lunch

2:00 pm Snowing

3:36 pm The Office

4:00 pm Slipping & Sliding

5:00 pm Home Sweet Home

6:00 pm Supper Time

7:00 pm Eggnog Time

8:00 pm Online


Jeff C. said...

Re: 10 am... Do we have the same job :)

sean marcel said...

I like "The office." Literally looks like it could be a screen shot of the show.

Eero said...

You work in such a clean and tidy place!

Love that painting above the couch, by the way.