Sunday, October 18, 2009

12 Hours in Duluth, Minnesota, USA

8:00 Gluten-free chocolate, blueberry pancakes.

9:00 Senior Citizen nap time, 17 year-old Tazz and 12 year-old Ciro, on their heated bed and kitty quilts made for them by my sister.

10:00 Peeling and coring apples for another batch of apple butter.

11:00 Getting the bike ready for a ride.

12:00 Heading out for a ride, cemetery by our house with fall colors.

1:00 Enjoying the ride.

2:00 Almost home, mostly peak colors today.

3:00 Dash Riprock loves his frisbee.

4:00 Getting ready to winterize the oak wine barrel turned rain barrel.

5:00 Gluten-free loaf of bread is done.

6:00 Driving to a dinner party.

7:00 Italian themed dinner party. Italian wine, meats & cheeses and olives for starters. Five more courses to come.

8:00 Mike and Scully keeping an eye on things at the party.


sean marcel said...

Nice wheels!

That seems like a very tasty diet.

Karen said...

The fall colours are lovely. Your loaf of bread looks yummy!