Sunday, October 18, 2009

Skybub, Wiesbaden, Germany.

Brian emailed these to me to post for him. Thanks Brian!
0800 My morning ritual and the internet. 0900 Breakfast.
1000 Reading the Washington Post.

1100 Folding the Laundry. Hooray, clean knickers!
1200 Good dental hygiene.
1300 The Saturday Market.
1400 Arriving at Mainz train station.
1500 Heineken Cup Rugby at the Porterhouse Irish Pub in Mainz. Munster (Ireland) vs Treviso (Italy)
1600 French Marc and Irish Brian.
1700 Guinness is good for you.
1800 The next one is even better for you.
1900 More rugby. Brive (France) vs Leinster (Ireland)
2000 On the train back to Wiesbaden


sean marcel said...

Right on man, Guiness IS good for you! I like this post.

Karen said...

It's awesome to see an entry from Europe. I like Guinness too!