Tuesday, February 15, 2011

12 (11hrs) in the greater Calgary Area

First off, I must apologize for not getting all 13 images. Both of my sons play on the same hockey team, I'm a coach, and we had a 7:15am game. I forgot my camera in the van and couldn't leave the bench during the game. So, I started at 9am.

9am - Airdrie Alberta - quick grocery store stop
10am - fuel up at starbucks
11am - it's a shopping day. at least there are a few stores for the guys.
12am - hockey life store
1pm - lunch (however terrible it may be...)
2pm - my little girl loves shopping. especially when there's mirrors
3pm - driving home to Strathmore
4pm - hitting the local skating pond
5pm - still playing pond hockey
6pm - supper. (probably one of the worst days for us - nutritionally speaking)
7pm - a movie for the family, and one for my wife and I
8pm - finish the day by trying a new beer.


Eava said...

This project was way harder then I thought it was going to be. Keeping up with my camera for 12 hrs was almost impossible :-)

We don't get snow here. In fact, I've never been snow skiing, boarding, or skating in my entire life. What a difference 3,500 miles can make.

Your food photos are making me hungry. yummy!

Thanks for starting this project. I had a blast doing it.

Karen said...

Great photos, nice to see a day in the life of a neighbour.