Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sarah- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

8:00 am- very sweaty & energized after 2 hours of Ashtanga @ the Yoga Shala

9:00 am- opening the main studio @ the Yoga Passage for today's classes

10:00 am- cleaning the men's washrooms!

11:00 am- Shelly & AJ leaving the studio after her morning Hatha class

12:00 pm- unpacking a new shipment of books that arrived earlier this morning

1:00pm- re-adjusting the heat in the main studio after the packed lunchtime class

2:00pm- Mom returning a dvd @ Casablanca while Samantha bops her head to the music

3:00 pm- having tea & goodies at Monica's. Bella was showing off her latest hairstyle & red Chanel lipstick

4:00pm- Stopping for fuel @ my favourite Husky station on MacLeod Trail

5:00pm- eating a very quick dinner & gazing up at my newly hung chandelier

6:00pm- arriving back @ Yoga Passage for night #1 of the David Williams workshop

7:00pm- taking a 5 minute break to stretch our legs & strike a pose

8:00pm- even though tonight was just a discussion, we still had to get at least one asana in there!


Eleanor said...

Nice images.
How can I get me an invite to tea at Monicas?!

Sarah said...

Eleanor, just let me know next time you are passing thru Calgary & I will make sure you are on the "preferred guest" list :)

brittany said...

I really love the warm colors in all your photos. Very reassuring.

Jack said...

Ditto on the warm colors. The top two shots make me want to spend time in those places. Of course, the Bella shot at the goodie store is great.

Eero said...

That chandelier is sooooo beautiful.

Karen said...

I also liked the warm colours. Your self-portrait in the mirror made me smile.

Trisha said...

What an action packed day! My hourly images would all be at my office...
You look really happy- that makes me happy!

sean marcel said...

Do you know Lisa Sexsmith?

Sarah said...

Indeed I do :)

Jerome said...

Hey Sarah, Thanks so much for being a part of this. I certainly do appreciate it! The bathroom cleaning shot is a great one. Spur of the moment idea? Either way it made me laugh. My favorite is 6pm. The lighting is incredible. While I don't know the meaning of the statue in it, I am very fascinated by it. Most enjoyable. Thank you.