Thursday, November 8, 2007

Smudgemo - Berkeley, California

A little setup. My 1yo has the flu and had gotten up three times before 3:30 am. By 4:00am I was fully awake and rarin' to start this project, unfortunately worked from home and the bulk of this work is at home instead of across Berkeley and Oakland.

0400 San Francisco Bay before dawn.

0500 Chandelier Decoration

0600 Kid Art - Professional Art
0700 Sunny CA - SF Bay

0800 The Floor of My Home Office
0900 Working From Home

1000 Still Not Sunny

1100 Off to the Pharmacy and Grocery Store for Irony

1200 The Flu Victim's Room

1300 Looking North Out the Back Window

1400 Art Chair

1500 Looking East Out the Front Window


Eleanor said...

I've ben lied to all these years! It's NOT always sunny in California.
Lovely pics. I like your bike man sculpture.

Karen said...

Your 4am shot looks so peaceful. Is it often that hazy?

brittany said...

That chair is pretty awesome... did you create it?

Smudgemo said...

Elanor, you might be confusing Norcal and Socal. I understand it's sunny down there all the time.

Karen, it's actually like that fairly often. The street lights made the scene a lot more orange than it actually was, but I liked the result.

Brittany, I traded an old wood phone booth from UW Stevens Point for that chair, and later my wife recovered the seat.

Jerome said...

Hey Smudge,

Thanks a ton for taking part. Even with the sick children and all. I'm sure it would have been much easier to forget about it. Thanks for not. My wife thought you stole a picture of our house for your home office shot. It certainly captures reality of life. The little pleasures of having little kids huh? While they can make messes, I'd hate to think of life without them. Cheers.