Friday, December 12, 2008

12 Hours in Duluth Minnesota

Enjoy :) (Yes, there are a few extra)
8 AM- Sunrise over Lake Superior

9 AM- Getting tire fixed at Sears
Caption "Hey kids, you can color with crayons or watch this HUGE tv"

10 AM- Snowplows at the ready

11 AM- Frozen in time

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12 PM- Reflection in muddy ice
12PM 2- The walk

12 PM 3- Ice, not rock

12 PM 4- ???

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12 PM 5- Big Links
12 PM 6- XXX
12 PM 7- It all came back...
1 PM- Blue train and the "Short" train
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2 PM- Smiles
3 PM- Merry Purple Christmas
4 PM- Crazy Grandma :)
5 PM- Cold tree
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6PM- Leaving an undiscolsed location
under the cover of darkness (and fresh snow)
7 PM- Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree
8 PM- Good Doggie
8 AM- Lake Superior Panorama
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sean marcel said...

Great pictures, I like your choice of subjects. And that first shot is beautiful!

Karen said...

The graffiti shots are cool!

Eero said...

That is the BEST GRAFFITI ART EVER!!! IMG---like 2 sasquatch? Brilliant. Wish I lived in a town with such nifty street art.