Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Hours in Sioux Falls, SD

These are cell phone photos. I don't apologize for the quality. I live blogged the day on The MinusCar Project.

8AM - good morning.

9AM - D.A.R.E. - Drug Abuse Resistance Education

10AM -

11AM - better do some work.

12PM - a service provider brought us pizza for lunch. We suggested he come back and do this for us for Christmas.

1PM - pizza's done.

2PM - Super Smurf has been a companion for 20 years.

3PM - this week's tasks...and my cup. I painted it myself.

4PM - Yeah, I recently watched Hudsucker Proxy. Again.

5PM - Friday night, by the mall, sit in traffic. Where's my bike?

6PM - dining out w/ The Boys.

7PM - more dining out w/ The Boy 6.

8PM - home, where the Christmas tree remains a curiosity for The Boy 10.

1 comment:

Jeff C. said...

Thanks alot, now I'm really hungry, and it's 2 hours past pre-lunch, an hour past lunch, and coming up on 2nd lunch.